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Unique capabilities

Totem Cam provides extra features that other cams do not.
Image and description
Image Description
  • Loadable on just two lobes, to exploit shallow or flared cracks where one or two outer lobes cannot establish rock contact. To load just two lobes, connect a carabiner at a point where the sling is supported (see figure). Do not use Totem Cam in this way to protect against a fall. This reduces its stability and halves its strength. Placements involving only half of the lobes can help to support body weight in some aid climbing situations. Learn more about loading just two lobes.
  • Greater maximum downward flare angle. Such placements should be avoided (see figure) because the force exerted on cam components and the rock is greatly increased, which could lead to rock/cam failure or simply a small slide which leads to instantaneous pop out. Another limitation is that, unlike in another regular cams, the holding power of the Totem Cam decreases with the increase of flaring angle. In consequence, poor friction rocks are not suited for this use. However, Totem Cam has a theoretical downward maximum flaring angle of 40.7 degrees moderately greater than regular cams.

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